Lapped Zipper Tutorial

Lapped Zipper Tutorial



Lapped Zipper Sample


 A lapped Zipper

 Tools required:

 Dress zip

Thread snips

a couple pins

measuring tape


 Put zipper foot on machine and needle all the way over to the left. Zipper foot should be on left hand side.


*If your machine only allows you to put the needle all the way over to the right, and the zipper foot on the right, do so, and start on the LEFT hand side of your zipper first. Start with step 2, starting on left side of zipper at top, and going down to right hand side corner, then going up right hand side. You’ll do the wide side first, narrow side second.

If your machine allows you to put the needle all the way over to the left, and your zipper foot as well, follow instructions as below:

Step 1:

Place both centre back edges right sides together. Pin together at zipper nip. Stitch, backtacking well at nip, down to hem, using a 1cm seam allowance. Press seam allowance open, along entire back edge, stitched and unstitched sections.




With zipper face up, and open, place right hand side of folded CB edge over top the right hand side of zipper tape. Both fabric and zipper are face up. You are placing wrong side of fabric to right side of zipper tape.







Needle down, presser foot up, rotate your fabric around so you will be stitching across the bottom of the zip, perpendicular to the long edges.


Once you’ve rotated, and before you put your presser foot down again, pull 1mm of the left hand side (unstitched side) of fabric over the seam, so the unstitched folded edge is just covering the stitchline you just did. Presser foot down, stitch across bottom of zip. Approx 1cm.

photo-11With needle down, presser foot up, rotate fabric around so you are stitching going up the second side. Your stitching should be approx 1cm from the folded edge, and in the middle of the zipper tape. Stitch up second side, with zip closed. Ensure that the folded edge of fabric that you’re stitching now, is just covering your first stitchline on the other side. Pin if necessary.


Backtack at top of zip. Steam with a press cloth.